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生产最高质量标准农药-获得最高的荣誉,YUFULL竭力为世界各地农民服务剂型包括 SLSC WDG WP EC ULV 针对所有作物 植物 领域保护,你会在这里得到所有需求站式服务

Yufull成熟组织管理,经验丰富的登记部拥有强大的队伍包括化学博士和农学专业高材生,可以帮您解决所有与登记相关的文档问题生产掌握最先进的技术,在最短的时间内生产最好的产品, 与市场营销一起是坚实后盾精心服务所有需求。

Yufull 见证许多伙伴的成长 YUFULL一起成长 YUFULL一起精彩!

YUFULL produces the first quality standard pesticides that with reputation, perhaps enjoyed by the farmers worldwide. Checking its formulations including SL, SC, WDG, WP, EC, ULV etc to name it, you will get one stop service for all your crops, plants, fields protection requirements.

It is much too worthwhile to cooperate with Yufull since there are complete sets in the orgnizations. Registration Department should be mentioned proudly, one doctor of chemistry, two masters of crop protection and agriculture helping you solving all document problems with your governments. Production Department mastering many state-of-the-art technologies, together with Marketing Department are two biggest Departments in our company to produce your cargoes and serving your business carefully.

Yufull has witnessed many partners' growth from small to taking a place in the list, just like its moto saying: GROW WITH YUFULL, TO BE WONDERFUL!