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Yufull’s offering for agrochemical customers is based on experience, trust and quality. 

We provide both catalog products and state-of-the-art Custom Manufacturing services for modern herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and their intermediates.

Whether you need small initial samples or hundreds of tons of products, Yufull is well positioned to provide a solution for you. Our manufacturing strength stems from our comprehensive, integrated chemical and biotechnological network and 40-years’ experience in custom manufacturing. 

Yufull’s specific ISO-regulated manufacturing capabilities combine speed and efficiency with reliability.

Yufull has an excellent track record in custom manufacturing. Our integrated project management capabilities, advanced technology portfolio and market-launch flexibility make Yufull a preferred partner.

Life-Cycle Management

Yufull is the partner of choice for the early phase product manufacture, where Yufull’s flexible and fast scale-up capabilities reduce the time to market. With an ever-growing toolbox of technologies, Yufull also supports products at mature stages with second-generation processes, additional backward integration and other cost-saving and production-enhancing services.