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NAFDAC officers came to visit the factory of Yufull

time:2015-08-24 publisher:
A group of officers from Nigeria NAFDAC estvenu to visit our factory in Shanghai during the 19 ~ 20. May. 2015, accompanied by Mr. Steven the vice director of Yufull.

The officers inspected lines generation, reactors and packaging with care lines. During the ' inspection, Mr Okrea, on behalf of the technical team asked the laboratories technical issues. Mr. Steven replied one by one. Mr. Afamenquis production and how we manage from the beginning to the servicesapres-sale. Mr. Steven and engineers give them details. Finally, the Officer Chief Mrs. Emmanuel on behalf of the Group of the Inspector apprecierhautement Yufull management and capacity to serve the marchesnigerians. Ms. Emmaunel also offered his own suggestions and more confirm to continue to innovate and grow. To the serviceinternational and Nigerian farmers markets is to Yufulljamais motorcycle. The meeting ended in a pleasant conversation and a fine dinner time.