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10 drones for Rajasthan to kill flying pests

time:2020-05-21 publisher:Times of India

The Central government is planning to rent 10 drones for aerial control of locusts and has already invited tenders for the same. The tenders opened on May 16.

On Wednesday night, a locust swarm extending up to 5 km, entered the Indian border adjoining Nachna area in Jaisalmer. A large number of these locusts has reached as far as Nagaur and Ajmer.

At least eight districts have been affected by locusts so far. The pests have been controlled in 16,414 hectare of land till now. In the month of May, there has been a huge attack by the locusts coming from Pakistan border, which have reached many districts of Rajasthan. At present, eight districts in Rajasthan have been affected by locusts, which are causing heavy damage to crops and plants.

According to Locust Warning Organisation deputy director Dr K L Gurjar, locusts in Rajasthan have been controlled in 16,414 hectare of land. The agriculture department and Locust Warning Organisation teams are continuously working on this. Once the tender is opened on May 16 for taking drones on rent, aerial spraying of pesticide will begin. He said that locusts have reached Barmer, Jaisalmer, Ajmer, Bikaner, Pali, Jodhpur, Sriganganagar and Nagaur in Rajasthan.

Union agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar and union minister of state for agriculture Kailash Choudhary had a meeting with agriculture officers at Krishi Bhawan in New Delhi to ensure availability of pesticides to farmers for stopping locusts. The ministers discussed the matter with pesticide companies and gave them necessary directions through video conference. After this, the agriculture ministry reviewed the efforts being made to control locusts.

Choudhary said that it is necessary to control locusts on time to save the crops and plants in affected areas. The government of India and agriculture ministry are providing all facilities and resources to the Locust Warning Organisation.

He said that the government of India, in coordination with the state government, will provide drones for aerial spray of pesticides. The teams are surveying the affected districts. The Locust Warning Organisation is spraying pesticides there.