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Syngenta's Aprovia Top fungicide registered for use in California

time:2020-10-24 publisher:Syngenta USA

Aprovia® Top fungicide from Syngenta, a broad-spectrum disease control tool containing two highly efficacious active ingredients, recently was approved for use in California.

Aprovia Top delivers a potent combination to help growers manage resistance and control diseases in grapes, cucurbits, fruiting vegetables and garlic. The two active ingredients in Aprovia Top, Solatenol® fungicide and difenoconazole offer dual modes of action to combat disease resistance and provide long-lasting residual control.

“Aprovia Top fits into existing disease control programs to optimize marketable yield and quality potential,” says Raj Iragavarapu, Syngenta product lead. “The two powerful chemistries in Aprovia Top help prevent spores from infecting crops early in the season and discourage disease spread as the season progresses. Aprovia Top is a dependable choice combining the proven performance of a triazole with the latest chemistry.”

The two chemistries in Aprovia Top deliver effective, long-lasting powdery mildew control in grapes.

Aprovia Top’s complementary chemistries can increase marketable yield potential and crop quality in grapes, cucurbits, fruiting vegetables, garlic and other crops. Other benefits include:

- Excellent rainfastness and application flexibility

- Extended residual control

- Systemic activity with even distribution throughout crop leaves