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China’s prothioconazole technical production capacity may exceed 50,000 tons

time:2023-09-27 publisher:AgroNews

In the global fungicide market in 2023, prothioconazole has remained a hot variety with its sale growing annually over the past decade.

By 2022, the annual sale of prothioconazole crossed US$1.2 billion, making it the second largest fungicide variety in the global market.

The prothioconazole compound patent in China expired in November 2015, followed by expiration of its vulcanization process patent in 2018. In the interim, the production layout and industrialization of prothioconazole technical in China have been developing rapidly.

Up to date, there have been 24 prothioconazole technical registrants in China. The number of the technical material manufacturers has been increasing constantly, where operational manufacturers include Hailir, Anhui Jiuyi, Hebei Xingbai, Jilin Lesi, Shangyu Xinyinbang and Shandong Aokun, with a total production capacity of 5,000 tons per year (not all of them running at full capacity).

It is noted that prothioconazole currently still stays within its high time of capacity expansion. According to incomplete statistics from open sources, the production capacity of prothioconazole technical is likely to exceed 50,000 tons per year.