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  • Glufosinate ammonium 20% SL
    Glufosinate Ammonium is used for control a wide range of annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds and grasses in fruit orchards, vineyard, rubber and oil palm plantations, ornamental trees and bushes, non-crop land, and pre-emergence in vegetables.
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  • Bispyribac-sodium 40% SC
    Bispyribac-sodium 40% SCEffectively control BaiCao rice fields and other gramineous weeds, and put to most broadleaf weeds, some families and other sedge weeds resistant BaiCao of herbicide. Such as: BaiCao, double spike sparrow, rice grain, well lee were Pu cut strands of clever, stems, see Michael niang, northeast sweet grass, grass, Wolf, abnormity cyperaceae, sunshine blows gourd ladle grass, broken cyperaceae, Lin fireflies, Japan gras…
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  • Diuron 70% WDG
    Diuron is a substituted urea herbicide used to control a wide variety of annual and perennial broadleaf and grassy weeds, as well as mosses. It is used on non-crop areas and many agricultural crops such as fruit, cotton, sugar cane, alfalfa, and wheat. Diuron works by inhibiting photosynthesis. It may be found in formulations as wettable powders and suspension concentrates.
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  • Tribenuron methyl 75% DP
    Selective, post emergence herbicide, acting primarily through foliar uptake, with little or no soil activity. Symptoms of chlorosis appear in affected weeds in days with necrosis and death occuring after 10-25 days under optimal conditio
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  • Glyphosate 360 SL
    Translocated herbicideGlyphosate 41% SL (Glyphosate 480g/l SL, Glyphosate 360g/l SL) that may be applied preplant or preemergence to over 150 crops for control of annual and perennial weeds, woody brush, and trees. Use post directed in tree and plantation crops, postemergence over Roundup* Ready soybeans, and postharvest in fallow periods and noncropland. For annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds in plantation and other crops, an…
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  • Bentazone 48% SL
    Bentazone formulations are used as post-emergence herbicides for the control of broad-leaved weeds and Cyperaceae in a range of crops, including dicotyledonous (broad-leaved) and non-edible agricultural crops, and in other situations such as lawns and pastures. Bentazone has a contact action on the leaves and to a lesser extent an action via the soil. The active ingredient is principally absorbed by the green parts of plants and acts as a p…
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  • 24-D amine salt 720g/l SL
    ‍2 4 d amine salt, its amine salts and butyl ester are systemic herbicides, widely used for the control of broad-leaved weeds such as Plantago, Ranunculus and Veronic in cereals crops-including wheat, maize, rice and sorghum-and grassland and turf areas.‍
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