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Glyphosate 360 SL

Translocated herbicide Glyphosate 41% SL (Glyphosate 480g/l SL, Glyphosate 360g/l SL) that may be applied preplant or preemergence to over 150 crops for control of annual and perennial weeds, woody brush, and trees. Use post directed in tree and plantation crops, postemergence over Roundup* Ready soybeans, and postharvest in fallow periods and noncropland. For annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds in plantation and other crops, and general weed control in noncropland and as no-tillage in farmland.

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Glyphosate 41% (480g/L) SL;

Glyphosate 360g/L SL;

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Glyphosate IPA 41%, 480g/L SL;

Glyphosate 75.7%WDG.



Glyphosate is effective in killing a wide variety of weeds, including grasses, broadleaf, and woody plants. It has a relatively small effect on some clover species. It is one of the most widely used herbicides. It is commonly used for agriculture, horticulture, and silviculture purposes, as well as garden maintenance.


Use recommendations

- For the control of perennial weeds, it is recommended to treat after flowering of weeds. 
- Rainfall within 6-12 hours after the treatment or foliage together with weeds could reduce the product action. 
- The above mentionedrates are based on treatments with 100l/he of water: For lower quantity of water, it should 

  proportionally increase the rates. 
- Trees: Apply only in more than 4 years old trees. 

 Toxicological information

Toxicological class: Dangerous to the environment (N).
Terrestial: Class A: Low toxicity to mammals and birds.
Aquatic: Class B: Medium toxicity to fish.
Bees: Compatible to bees.



On weeds in Apple Orchard, Peach Orchard, the vineyard, the operatic, tea garden, mulberry garden and farmland weeds in fallow, Barnyard grass setaria viridis, Alopecurus, beef tendon grass, crabgrass, cocklebur, Pigweed, chickweed, cleavers and other annual weeds.
Glyphosate, glyphosate 480g/l sl,41% IPA roundup
Glyphosate ammonium salt
Glyphosate 68% , 75% SG, liquid wdg
Glyphosate, round up glyphosate 480g/l sl, 41% IPA
Glyphosate 68% , 75% SG, liquid wdg



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