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Tribenuron methyl 75% DP

Selective, post emergence herbicide, acting primarily through foliar uptake, with little  or no soil activity. Symptoms of chlorosis appear in affected weeds in days with necrosis and death occuring after 10-25 days under optimal conditio

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Appearance: White to brown powder.                   

Melting Point: 141ºC.                      

Vapour Pressure: 0.05mpa at 20ºC.

Stability: Solubility in water 280mg/L at 2C, Solubility low in organic solvents.

Toxicity: Oral LD50(rat) 5000 mg/kg, dermal LD50 ( rat) is greater than 2000 mg/kg. Specification: Tribenuron-Methyl 95%TC, 75%DF, 75%WDG, 20%WP.

Common name


Other name


Molecular formula


Formulation type

Tribenuron-methyl Technical: 95%TC

Tribenuron-methyl Formulations: 10%WP ,20%WP ,75%WDG

Mode of Action

Tribenuron-methyl can be used to control farmland, orchards, flower nursery, grassland and non-arable land, railway lines, rivers, reservoirs, warehouses and other weeds, miscellaneous irrigation, Zashu and other harmful plants.