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Aluminum Phosphide 56% TB

Pack the grain in a sealed container (such as a gasoline drum) that can be sealed, or stack it neatly in the room, seal it with a
plastic film, and embed the aluminum phosphide tablets wrapped in gauze per cubic meter of grain 3 —4 tablets, after sealing for
5-7 days, open doors, windows, container lids, tear off plastic film and other related coverings, ventilate and ventilate for 5-7
days, and store the food as usual after the toxic gas is exhausted.

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0.6g/tb, 1667tb/bottle*20/carton 



Insecticide and rodenticide which is a respiratory, metabolic, and nerve poison. Evolves a non-flammable mixture of phosphine (the toxicant), ammonia and carbon dioxide. Fumigation control of insect and rodent pests in stored grains (wheat, rye, barley, rice, sorghum, maize, etc.), seed grains, grain products (flour, noodles, semolina, etc.), pulses (peas, beans, lentils, etc.), tobacco, tapioca (roots and flour), oil seeds, expeller cake, nuts, nut kernels, dried fruit, coffee beans, cocoa beans, tea, etc.; and in empty warehouses, silos, packing materials, transport containers, etc.


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