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Fulvic acid

Fulvic acid is brown, water soluble powder. It is produced from plant-source raw materials by fermentation through micro-organisms and via a special extraction process. In addition to aromatic hydroxy carboxylic acids, it contains a certain number of water soluble carbohydrates, amino acid, protein etc. This makes Fulvic acid suitable as a synergistic agent for foliar fertilizers,flush fertilizers and liquid fertilizers of high concentration. Fulvic acid has physiological activities to stimulate the growth of most crops.

For more information:

1) Potassium Dry Basis :  - 5-7%
2) Fulvic Acid Dry Basis :  - 80% Min
3) Water Soluability :        -99.71% Min.
4) PH Value :                       - 6
5) Mesh Size :                     - 150Mesh
6) Appearance :                 - BrownPowder



· Can be a valuable plant rescueremedy during periods of stress.

· Improves Stomata Conductance,

· Unlocks minerals in the soil,e.g. Phosphorus

· Solubilizes Silica

· Improves crop quality andassociated plant/fruit shelf-life.

· Boosts soil life activity,particularly the beneficial fungal fraction.

· Offers DIY chelation.

· Increases Brix levelswith an associated reduction in insect attraction.

· Contains High levels ofPotassium with broad-spectrum trace elements in naturally chelated plantavailable form.

· Boosts flowering andimproves the flower to fruit ratio.

More economical, superior to other Fulvic Acidproducts, one of the highest Potassium analysis currently.